Sunday, January 21, 2007

Time to move

Well, the new is up and running. That means all future blog posts, news and book ordering will need to be done at that site address. I'll leave this blog up for a week or so.

Thanks to all who have supported Barkeater Lake this past month!



Wednesday, January 10, 2007

300 pre-orders, free shipping still availbale

Well, we've 300 pre-orders for "Welcome to Barkeater Lake", the files got the printer on Friday, with a ship date sometime at the end of the month. A thousand thank yous to all who pre-ordered so far. May you all live to be a thousand years old.

Keep in mind, even though the 250 signed copies have been taken, that free shipping is available until the new site is up on the 22nd. I know it's not as great as having a signed copy, but it's something. Right? RIGHT?!

The site will be great, the comic will be great and you all will continue to be great.

Greatness all around!



Monday, January 08, 2007

Last week of Barkeater Lake

Yeah, so here's the news...

United Media prematurely gave BL the ax on Friday afternoon, leaving the world and yours truly to ask WTF? After several emails, I learned that the tech guys have to physically take it off (whatever that means) and since they weren't there on weekends, they took it down on Friday.

So... Here is the last week of Barkeater Lake on New strips will appear on beginning Jan. 22nd. If you go to the new site address before the 22nd, there will be nothing there, so keep your shorts on until the new launch.

If you have questions, answers, concerns or death threats, I can be reached at Click on the dates to view the strips:

BL 1.1.07
BL 1.2.07
BL 1.3.07
BL 1.4.07
BL 1.5.07
BL 1.6.07

Friday, January 05, 2007

Only 20 more pre-orders for a Barkeater Lake Book!

That’s right folks!

Amazingly, we’re down to just 22 more chances to reserve a signed and numbered copy of “Welcome to Barkeater lake”, including an original sketch of your favorite BL characters.

Once again, a hearty “Thank You” to all of you who have pre-ordered so far. I’m very excited about this first book and I hope you all like it, as well as the new site and storylines. We met with the web guys yesterday and plans are rapidly moving forward.

For those who still wish to pre-order the book, the button to purchase to your right.

Also, keep in mind that even when the 250 signed editions are gone, this pre-order price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Once the new is up, shipping will be extra, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

That’s my sales pitch.

Back to our regular scheduled Friday.

Cheers everyone!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


200 pre-orders and counting, kids. 200 was our goal for printing and we
made it! Thanks to all who ordered. I'll be sending the files to the
printer on Monday and will update you all with a delivery and ship date

This also means that there are only 50 chances left to get a signed and
numbered edition, with an original sketch by me. Those of you who still wish to order "Welcome to Barkeater Lake", click on the paypal button to your right.

Thanks again for everyone's support. I meet with the web guys tomorrow
about the site launch on Jan. 22nd!

Cheers everyone!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


First off, I hope everyone had a wonderously over-indulgent Holiday season.

Second...uh, off... We're only 20 pre-orders away from the minimum of 200!!!

Pat yourselves on the back everyone. Your generosity and loyalty to Barkeater Lake deserves a very large "Hey, Thanks!"

So, we have 20 to go, which means only 70 more chances to get a signed and numbered copy with an original sketch. After the 250, the only way you'll get a signed copy is to attend a book signing, or tackle me at the bar and threaten bodily injury (I'm a fragile and meek man).

As for the new, I have a meeting with a web guru on Thursday about setting up the functionality of the site. I can tell you some of the things we're shooting for:

- A strip, updated everyday, 7 days a week.
- A full archive of every Barkeater Lake printed
- A store with books, shirts and original art for sale
- An area to sign up for BL in your daily email
- An area to join the Barkeater Lake chamber of commerce
- A place to print bacon through you printer

That last one is on the "wish list"

In conclusion, thank you thank you thank you to all who have pre-ordered. You've made the possibility of a Barkeater Lake book and website a reality.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Color Cover

Here's a look at the color cover for "Welcome to Barkeater Lake". We're up to 160 pre-orders, so that means only 90 chances for a signed and numbered copy remain.

Happy purchasing. Happy New Year. Happy Whiskey and water.